Endless runner Lastronaut is full of explosions and slow motion

Lastronaut is a game in the App Store where you must guide a robot along missiles and explosions. The best thing is that it’s completely free to download without ads.


Lastronaut was even featured by Apple in the App Store as one of the “Best new games.” It is easy to imagine why: the game looks beautiful and after each game you want to play again.

In Lastronaut, you play a human robot (a humanoid) and it is important to run as far as possible to run the devastated earth. The setting is a beautiful pixel world which especially stand out with the beautiful colors and light effects. Everything looks very lively and supple, which is pretty good for an endless runner and especially when there is so much happening on screen.
Lastronaut iPhone

The character is running automatically, but the player must jump and shoot. This is necessary because during the game comes everything comes at you. There are mines on the ground, a kind of drone throws bombs, and missiles are coming at you. These can all be avoided by jumping, but you can also ward off the attack by shooting at them.


The weapons in Lastronaut have an important role. In total, there are five different types, especially the flamethrower and shotgun come in handy. At the start of a run, however, you do not know which of the five you get in your hands. Along the way, new weapons come down and you can use them to shoot enemies. The weapons are always arbitrary: you never know what you get. That keeps the game fresh and surprising. Blast your enemies out of the sky, then this is accompanied by huge explosions and make your combos, then touches everything in slow motion, which is even more impressive.
Lastronaut game

A big plus to Lastronaut is that the game is completely free. That means there are no ads and in-app purchases are optional.

Download Lastronaut

Lastronaut is a visually appealing game that you will often pick up again. The game is quite challenging and tough.

Developer: Darrin Henein
Price: Free+

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