Encrypt your files easily with Encrypto

Sending important documents online has the necessary risks, so a good encryption can not hurt. With Encrypto you can easily encrypt your files on a Mac and Windows PC, therefore you can then send them with confidence.

Easy and beautiful

Apps can’t be much easier to use than Encrypto. By simply dragging your files into the window, you can select the files, after which you specify a password for the recipient to decrypt your documents.

Then you are treated to a flashy animation and it’s up to you to choose the program from the share menu that you want to use to send your newly encrypted file with. Using Mail and Messaging for instance, or choose Save As to save to your hard drive.

Encrypto share file
Share menu

The app gives you instantly the ability to hide the original file, thanks to integration with Hider 2: Encrypt and Password Protect Files-app, which is also developed by the same developer, MacPaw Inc.

Send your files also to Windows users

Encrypto provides your files from the so-called AES-256 encryption, a widely used standard that ensures that your files can’t just to be intercepted and opened. Because Encrypto is both for Mac and Windows available, it does not matter to whom you send the files as long as the sender and receiver both but use Encrypto.

Encrypto Mac and Windows
Encrypto is available for Windows and Mac

By providing a document with a password hint, you can make it easy for the recipient to guess the correct password, all you have to do is be careful with these hints. An encrypted document with an obvious password hint makes the whole encryption quite unnecessary.

?Encrypto: Secure Your Files
?Encrypto: Secure Your Files
Developer: MacPaw Inc.
Price: Free

Download for Windows

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