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Start here for eCampus login. eCampus is a very useful website for selling, renting and buying books. It is a hub where people can sell their books easily or simply rent a book that they want to read. Obviously then, one can buy a book also. The website offers traditional books and eBooks as well. All you have to do is create an account and start browsing for books that you wish to buy.
The next section deals with how you can easily log in to your account on eCampus once you have created an account.

Step-by-step eCampus login Guide

This guide will show you the necessary steps to sign in on your eCampus account. If you have trouble accessing your account, then use the contact information below this page to seek for support. If you have any questions, then feel free to leave a comment below.

You must already have an account to sign in on If you don’t have an account yet, then visit the MyAccount page to create one.

eCampus register
Sign up for an eCampus account.

Step 1 – Visit

Launch your internet browser and visit the eCampus website. Once you are there, you can click ‘SIGN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT’.

eCampus logon
Click the “Sign in” button

Step 2 – Enter your account information

You can then log in to your account by typing in your username and password.

eCampus login
Enter your login information.

Click the orange “Continue” button to sign in on your account.

Optional – Sign in with Facebook

Would you like to sign in with your Facebook account? Then visit the login page and click the “Log in with Facebook” button. You will see a new window asking for your permission to access your account if this is the first time that you sign in with Facebook. Click “Okay” to continue.

eCampus Facebook login
Login with Facebook

Having trouble signing in?

If you seem to be having trouble signing in, you can click ‘Forgot your password?’ and reset your password accordingly. You can also sign in from your Facebook account.

Description URL
Homepage Visit
Registration page Visit
Login page Visit
Password recovery page No direct link available
iPhone app Download on the App Store
iPad app Download on the App Store
Android app Download on the Play Store

Direct Contact
You can contact the support team directly by dialing 1-877-ECAMPUS or email them any query through an online form on the website.


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