eBay app gets updated with a fresh new dashboard

The eBay app has finally been given a makeover by the online auction house. eBay 4.0 is available for Android and iOS, and thanks to the new look, more user-friendly.

This is new in 4.0 eBay

The interface of the app is simplified and appears lighter. Where previous versions still were dominated by colors or dull gray, eBay has choosen for the new design for crisp, neutral and white tones. Also, a lot more use of photographs to identify product categories and products. Interestingly, the design for Android and iOS systems is virtually identical.

Meanwhile, eBay is no longer just an online auction house. Many companies offer their products on the eBay platform, making finding the right product at the old apps was often a complex task. Again eBay has opted for a simplification and greater ease of use.

On the new dashboard, the user can select from two categories: “Activities” and “Buy”. In the activity menu, you see viewed products or bids. And the tab “Buy” speaks for itself. The app also has a third tab, which at the time of writing is not yet available: Sales. Here you find your own products for sale. Why this option has not been made available is unclear.

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