Easily add your gifs to your foto’s with Giffiti

If you love to create and share your gif images, then you should definitely try the new iOS app Giffiti. With this application, you can easily add short moving pictures to existing photos from your Camera Roll.

This can be done with Giffiti

Recently many appeared apps in the App Store that allows you to transform a short video into a gif or edit them completely, but the new Giffiti is doing something else. With this app, you can add a gif in a simple manner to an existing photo, which makes for a funny effect. Giffiti is meant for services like Instagram because they do not support gif images by default.

Giffiti is very easy to use: you open the app, select a photo from your Camera Roll and add a gif to it. Here you can choose from the moving images created by the app. The offer is not very big, but enough to make something nice with it. You have a choice of celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears, but you can also add animals or funny icons.

There are several ways to share your homemade creations with others. This can be with Facebook or Instagram or several other chat apps. You also simply have the option to save the video locally. A disadvantage is that a large Giffiti watermark (#Giffiti) adds to the films.

Download Giffiti for iOS

A nice feature of Giffiti is that the app is free and does not contain in-app purchases. Want to try the app, then you can download it via the link below. Giffiti works with iOS 8 or higher.

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