Earn Play Store credit by answering simple questions

You can purchase apps and in-app purchases in the Google Play Store when you have a credit card, and recently it is even possible with a PayPal account. But we like free so we prefer to pay as little as possible for something. So it is good news that you can earn Play Store credit by answering short questions from Google.

Google has launched the app Google Opinion Rewards. With this app, which is free to download, you get presented different surveys. These consist of a number of short questions that, when answered fully, can provide Play Store credit. The credit you can earn varies from surveys; this can be nothing but can go up to 50 cents or even 75 cents.

Google Opinion Rewards app automatically displays a notification when a new survey is available. This is according to Google on average once a week, but the user can also decide to shorten or increase this interval. The earned Play Store credit can be freely used in the Google Play Store for the purchase of paid apps, music, movies or books.

Please note; the app is not yet downloadable on tablets. So use your Android smartphone to earn credits and then use it to buy apps on your tablet.

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