Download: Google renews design for navigation in Maps

Google has updated its popular map service Google Maps, the design of the Android app has been updated on several important points. Now it’s easier to see the travel times of different options.

Google Maps Material Design

Google Maps is one of the best Android apps available at the moment. The app complies with the Material Design, has an uncluttered interface and vivid colors. In addition, the app is frequently updated with features, such as the displaying of when and which exit to take. The latest update allows the navigation to get better.

This is the new Google Maps Navigation Design

Google Maps shows the different options in a much more logical way, with on top the trip and then the different options at the bottom; by car, public transport, on foot or by bike. It also indicates how long the journey takes, with beneath that the route and the button to start navigating. That is much more convenient than the old version, seen here left, where you have to press any option to get the travel time.

Furthermore, the new Google Maps demonstrates clearer when there is a delay as shown below left. With the white scroll up you’ll see more information about the trip, including the elevation changes; handy if you’re on a bike. This feature was already available in Google Maps, but is now more brought to the spotlight.

Download the new Google Maps

The APK file for Google Maps is already available for download, with which you can manually install the new version. Google rolls out the update the next time phased out so you’ll receive it eventually as an update from Google Play.

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