Android is the world’s most popular operating system for tablets and smartphones. This is why this open source system is used by almost all smartphone and tablet makers. If you seek an alternative to the Android system installed by default on your device, then we recommend that you look at CyanogenMod.

Alternative Android OS

CyanogenMod is an alternative Android version. This mobile operating system is one of the most popular alternatives to the commercial packages that standard Android smartphones and tablets deliver.

Like the Android packages that are installed by HTC and Samsung on their smartphones and tablets, CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project. These parties and Google itself are adding features to the base system. You are then forced to use the shell for the operating system of the smartphone manufacturer and also for the updates you are dependent on the smartphone manufacturer. These updates often appear much later than that of the open source operating system. These two issues are resolved by installing the CyanogenMod software. This operating system can be installed on most phones and tablets. A list of compatible devices can be found on the website of the developers.

After installation, you can adjust directly from the operating system features without having to install apps. You can change the buttons for quick functions and themes. A number of additional functions in the system which does not contain the basic Android project is the ability to connect to the Internet via OpenVPN and support for FLAC audio files. You can even overclock the processor! Updates are released more frequently than with other Android versions. A new test version is even available daily. Small improvements are made and the last bugs resolved. There are also other versions that come less frequently but which are more suitable for people who do not want to deal with daily updates. CyanogenMod is an absolute must for the true fans that have a suitable Android smartphone or tablet. The installation is easy so that even people who have little understanding of how these mobile operating systems have it up and running with a little effort.

CyanogenMod has the following features

  • free mobile operating system
  • features an open source license
  • based on the Android project
  • additional features added to the base system
  • features and appearance to your own liking
  • updates are frequently released
  • suitable for many smartphones and tablets.

Download CyanogenMod

You can find more information and download the software via the link below.
Download CyanogenMod (Free)

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