Customize Windows 8.1 with Ultimate Windows Tweaker

UWT, full name Ultimate Windows Tweaker, allows experienced users to customize advanced settings. In this article, make your way in this program. You can learn how to optimize the performance of Windows 8.1 and customize the OS even further.

Step 1: Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker

UWT provides access to advanced settings. You should, therefore, use the program with some attention to prevent accidentally adjusting settings which you will regret. Never change settings you do not know or can not undo, you can safely use UWT. Get UWT via The program has no installation procedure. Unzip the zip file, right click on the file Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.exe and choose Run as administrator.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker
Main interface of Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

Step 2: Taskbar

UWT uses convenient categories such as security, user accounts, and customization. In this last category, in the Taskbar tab, you can customize your taskbar. For example, create space by shrinking margins and icons or remove the clock with Remove clock. Everything that has to do with performance can be found in the Performance category. Here, you can turn off components that are loaded by default and you may never use. Also on this screen you determine how long Windows should wait for programs if you turn off your computer. In the category Security, you can block access to certain parts, for example if you do not find it necessary to allow users to change settings via the Control Panel.

UWT customization
Customization settings.

Step 3: More Settings

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you can fine tune the browser in this same category. With Enable menu bar, you get back the standard menu. See especially the Additional category, here you can find settings that are interesting but do not fit into any other category. Confirm the changes you make with the Apply button. Some settings only work when you restart your computer.
UWT insists on creating a restore point. You can do this from almost every setup screen with the Create Restore Point button. It is also good to know that with the Restore Defaults button, you can restore the default settings. Use this option (or set a restore point back) if Windows stops responding as you want and you do not know which option creates the problem.

UWT System restore point
UWT insists on creating a restore point.

Always create a restore point before you make changes to your system settings.

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