How to create a photo collage with Google Photos

Google Photos is a convenient way to store your photos, but you can do more with it. Did you know that you can easily create collages with it? We show you how.

With collages, you can merge multiple photos into one photo. White lines separate various snapshots from each other, so for example, you can give your friends at a glance an impression of your vacation or weekend getaway. In addition, collages come in handy on social networks, because you don’t have to upload a complete album this way.

This is how you make a Google Photos collage

  • Open the Google Photos app and tap the plus icon in the upper right corner. Choose for “Collage”;
  • Choose from a minimum of two and up to nine photos you want to add to the collage;
  • Google Photos then create a collage. You will find the result by tapping ‘albums’.

Google Photos continues to innovate continuously by adding useful features. The app recently got an update to automatically create a holiday album if you’ve been traveling. Google also recently added a special emoji search, so that you browse easier through your photo collection based on the happy faces.

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