Create your own iMessage stickers with these apps

Now that iMessage has been renewed, you’ve probably already tried out some sticker packages. If there is nothing that you like, then you can make your own stickers with these apps.

Apple iMessage app has been completely renewed in iOS10. One of the funniest improvement is that you can paste stickers on posts by others, both in pictures as ordinary messages. That makes the app much more vivid, but before you know it there is so many stickers on the screen that you can not read the messages.

In the corresponding iMessage App Store, there are already a lot of sticker packages that you can download. Think Super Mario stickers but also packages of Angry Birds, Keith Haring, and Nature Mans Face Bomb. Many of the stickers can be installed free of charge, others you have to pay for. But there are also a few apps that allow you to put your own stickers together. You can use Assembly and Sticker Boost for this.


With Assembly, you can build your stickers completely from scratch. Thanks to dozens of shapes you can create templates that you want. You can rotate, zoom, copy and place those shapes as you want. Aside from adding forms, you can add text and change colors. With a little good will and a little imagination, you can even create your own logo.

?SVG Vector Design - Assembly
?SVG Vector Design - Assembly
Developer: Pixite Inc.
Price: Free+

Sticker Boost

Another app is Sticker Boost. With this app, you don’t actually create from scratch, but there are preset pictures in which you can put your own face. This way you can appear in a sticker of a basketball, a taco, or a koala. The stickers are directly stored to be used in iMessage.

Sticker Boost
Sticker Boost
Price: Free

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