Create and edit incredible pictures with the new Obscura

The new photo app Camera Obscura is easy to use but offers enough options to replace the standard Photos app on iOS. In this article, you can read more about this new app.

Create and edit stylish photos with Obscura

In the App Store, users are overwhelmed with photo and video apps, and many of these are not worth downloading. That is with Camera Obscura, an application that appeared a few days ago in the Apple App Store, however, different. Obscura builds on the features of the standard Photos app on iOS and works with a simple interface to make its functions understandable.

Obscura Camera is a powerfull app with a simple interface
Obscura Camera is a powerfull app with a simple interface

Obscura Camera is basically a pretty regular photo app but is distinguished by the aesthetics. The app works with dark colors and presents the options in a simple way. At the bottom, you will find three buttons (exposure, focus, and shoot) surmounted by a plus and minus sign to adjust a few things.

With the lower left button, you can manually set the exposure, but by momentarily pushing it this happens automatically. The same is true for the Focus button.

As befits a good photo app there are plenty of opportunities to liven up shot. You have access to cool filters that you can apply in real time. You do this by swiping to the right across the screen. That way you can give a photo easily a dark, cooler or warmer tint properly.

Download Obscura Camera for iOS

Are you looking for a comprehensive photo app that is simple to use, then Camera Obscura is worth trying. The application is completely free, but it offers some in-app purchases. To install it, you must have iOS 8 or newer and 10,1MB free storage. You can download it via the link below.

Obscura Camera
Obscura Camera
Developer: Ben McCarthy
Price: $4.99

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