Count your steps with the iPhone

The iPhone comes standard with a pedometer. In this tip, you can read how to turn the pedometer on and see how many steps you’ve taken per day.

Pedometers default on the iPhone

There are separate pedometer apps available in the App Store. But actually you do not need those because if you have a recent iPhone, there is already a standard pedometer in iOS8 (and higher). You can check through the Health app how many steps you’ve taken.

Steps count with the iPhone: this is what you need

You will need:

iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, sixth-generation iPod touch

Enabling pedometer

Turn on your pedometer:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Go to Privacy > Motion and Fitness.
  • Make sure the switch “Fitness tracking” is enabled.
  • Then go take a walk.
enable pedometer iphone
Enable the pedometer on your iPhone.

Read the number of steps on your iPhone

After the walk you can look in the Health app to see how many steps you’ve taken on a day:

  • Open the app Health.
  • Go to Health Data> Fitness> Steps.
  • Turn on the switch to ‘Show on dashboard’.

Unfortunately, you can not see on the iPhone which route you have traveled and how long a certain walk was, but you have a variety of other applications such as Human and RunKeeper to do that. Every data you capture this will  be stored on your iCloud account. This means that it will be synced when you purchase a new iPhone.

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