How to connect Spotify with Musixmatch lyrics

The latest update to MusicMatch allows you to connect the lyrics app on Spotify. Now you can sing along instantly with your music.

MusiXmatch Spotify

Today there are many ways to quickly look up the lyrics of a song. Musixmatch is possibly the best known. There is a plugin for Spotify to directly recognize your music and put the lyrics on the screen, and there is a separate app that listens to what song you are listening. Thanks to a new update of that app, it is now possible to play your Spotify-music directly within Musixmatch.

When launching the app Musixmatch asks directly if you want to connect the service with Spotify Premium. The app can only connect if you have a Spotify Premium subscription. Press ‘Connect Spotify Premium’, and login with the details of your Spotify account. The app then shows at a glance what Musixmatch can access when you link the two services together.

MusiXmatch gets access to a lot of parts of your Spotify account, but that’s not for nothing. Because of the link you do not have to open the Spotify app to play your music, but can do everything in the Musixmatch app. When playing a song, you can immediately see the lyrics on the screen that automatically moves along with the music. Your own karaoke machine.

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