Cold Turkey – No more procrastination

You know the drill. Just a quick Facebook check or a video on YouTube, before you go on with studying or writing that wretched report. Before you know it, an hour passes without something you’ve progressed. Cold Turkey must overcome procrastination.

To clamp down something like procrastination, tough measures are needed. That’s probably also the reason why the software is called Cold Turkey. And so, the goal is to block the distracting websites for a given period time.

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How to setup the app

After downloading the tool, you can divide websites into three groups. You can later block all sites in a certain group. In some situations, it may be useful, for example, to not block news sites and so you add those in Group B.

Cold Turkey app
You can block websites in different groups.

The groups that you create are saved, but you can not save them separately. So if you want to create more than three scenarios, then you have to change the previously created groups. It is possible to import a text document containing the sites in Cold Turkey. In the PRO version of the program, where you pay fifteen dollars, you can even bring down the entire Internet by adding the wildcard *. * to a group.

Cold Turkey enable groups
Enable or disable groups from the schedules menu.

Install Cold Turkey on your computer

To install the application on your computer, follow the instructions below:

  1. First go to the official website and download the installer by clicking the “Download now” button.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, double-click it to start the installer.
    Cold Turkey setup wizard
  3. Click “Next” to continue.
    Cold Turkey installer
  4. Click “Finish” to finish the installation.
    Cold Turkey finish installation
  5. You can start the application from the Start Menu.

Does it really work?

After you select the created group you want to block for some time (this is in the free version up to three days), press the Go Cold Turkey! Button. With the same ease, you are shut out on the websites that provide a distraction for the time set. A simple trick as right-clicking the icon and closing the program is not enough to get Cold Turkey out of the way. The tool does disappear from the system tray but stays active in the background. There is nothing else to do than to sit out the time or to actually get started with your work.

Can’t take it no more with the distracting sites? it appears there is still a way out. By restarting the PC, you can lift blockades earlier. This, unfortunately, takes a bit away the feeling that you really have no other choice than wait.

Cold Turkey blocked website
Website blocked by Cold Turkey

No mobile app

You can still grab your smartphone to go on Facebook or to answer Whatsapp messages. The program does not take this into account and there is no special app to make your mobile data flat. Cold Turkey goes beyond blocking websites, in the PRO version there is the possibility to block applications. A Call of Duty game between the work is no longer there.


Cold Turkey is a versatile program to push your procrastination out the way. By blocking sites temporarily, it allows you to focus on your studies or work. The tool does what it should do, but at the same time provides another way to early lift the blockages. Also, a separate mobile app should belong to the program. Now there are just too many options for Cold Turkey (and yourself) to deceive.


  • Simple to set up
  • Blocks also programs


  • Still not completely waterproof
  • No mobile app

Price: Free ($ 14.99 for the Pro version)
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

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