Cloaks: new app hides embarrassing photos on your iPhone

Do you want to prevent others from looking at embarrassing photos on your iPhone, then there is now a new iOS app: Cloaks. The app manipulates images so the content is no longer visible and saves them in a special photo safe.

Hide pictures on your iPhone

When starting Cloaks you go through a brief tutorial and you set up a numerical code that is asked every time you start the app. Then you import your photos from the gallery or take a new one with the camera on your iPhone. You can choose in how pieces a picture is cut, at least 4 and up to 10,000 planes. The more surfaces, the more difficult the content of the picture is visible.

Cloaks app
Cloaks app is only available for iPhone.

The twisted pictures – called Cloaks – are exported to the gallery and through the app restored again to their original state. Is the picture not so embarrassing after all, then you can simply export it to the original gallery. Share Options with WhatsApp and Facebook are not yet available, but may be implemented in the future. For now Cloaks is no more than a photo vault, which it does well and works nice and fast.

Cloaks download for iPhone

The free version of Cloaks has no ads, but the limitation is that you can edit up to 25 photos in the app. The paid version costs 99 cents and does not have this limitation. To use Cloaks you must have iOS 6.0 or newer, and at least 10MB of free storage.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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