Clean your Computer with CCLeaner

CCleaner is one of the best programs for your PC, Mac or Android device to quickly and thoroughly clean it up. With CCleaner, you can remove temporary files, user tracks, cookies and Internet traces (including browsing history, typed addresses, and auto-complete words) of Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. The program has been translated into many languages.
Furthermore, CCleaner cleans MRU-tracks (lists of recently opened files) from a lot of programs, including Adobe, Office, Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quick Time Player, Java, and LibreOffice. CCleaner also can delete index.dat files and unnecessary system files.

CCLeaner download
Clean your computer with CCLeaner.

CCleaner also has a built-in super fast and good registry cleaner which detects errors in the Windows registry and restore them. You can clean the registry under “Registry” – click “Scan for issues”. Then click “Fix selected issues”.

The software includes the option to securely delete temporary files and traces (secure file deletion, the files are overwritten several times so they can not be found). Even entire hard disks (or the free space on those disks) can be re-erased with data wiper.

CCleaner also has some useful tools to uninstall software, edit the start menu and find duplicate files. You can also manage extensions, toolbars, apps, and add-ons of your browsers with CCleaner.

Smart with cookies

Also handy is the smart cookie scans which stores some cookies from popular sites for you at a cleanup, so that you do not have to re-login. Finally, the free version of CCleaner has a monitoring system that warns if more than half a GB can be saved with a clean-up. For more functionality and browser monitoring, you must purchase the paid Pro version.

CCleaner is a fast and excellent all-round cleaner that offers many useful tools. Indispensable on any PC!

Download CCLeaner for Windows (Free)
Download CCLeaner for Mac (Free)

CCleaner for Android

CCLeaner for Android
CCLeaner for Android.

The best known and most popular cleaner for Windows is finally available for Android! CCleaner removes unnecessary clutter such as temporary files on your smartphone and tablet. You can also uninstall apps. So you can free up a lot of space on your phone!

CCleaner has a Cleaner to delete the cache (temporary files) for all applications and any browser history and downloaded files. You can also delete text messages and call logs, but you probably will not (they are unchecked). If you tick Processes you can purge the memory (RAM) and stop apps. Convenient is that you can immediately see how much space you save in your phone storage (Storage) and RAM.

In addition to a cleaner, CCleaner has an App Manager to uninstall apps and shows the system info on RAM memory, storage, and battery.

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Developer: Piriform
Price: Free

CCleaner is a comprehensive app that lets you quickly free a lot of space on your phone or tablet. The disadvantage is that apps like Chrome and Firefox, Facebook, Skype, and YouTube have to manually clean by Android itself.

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