BuzzFeed for Android brings lists and gifs to the app

One of the most fun websites on the Internet, BuzzFeed, has already a while an Android app in Google Play. With this app you will always have something to laugh at; from witty lists to hilarious gifs.

BuzzFeed has become within a few years one of the biggest entertainment websites. Started as a list site, but BuzzFeed is a major player in the world of journalism now. BuzzFeed not only brings more funny lists, but also comes with solid journalistic articles, short documentaries and beautiful photography. The Android app brings together all the best content from BuzzFeed – with that also what everyone so greatly loves: lists.

This is how the BuzzFeed Android app looks

The BuzzFeed Android app always shows the front page, which has the main content . But the main topic are the lists: from ‘22 Things Only A Boss Bitch Will Understand‘ to ‘22 Perfect Ways To Respond To A Text From Your Ex‘, you read them all there.

“The BuzzFeed app is the best way to keep up to date of all viral videos, photos, links and other popular topics, while on the go,” says BuzzFeed. Through the sliding menu you have the opportunity to browse through various categories and the app is suitable for all screen sizes, including large screens of tablets.

Download BuzzFeed

The BuzzFeed Android app is free to download in Google Play.

BuzzFeed - Quizzes & News
BuzzFeed - Quizzes & News
Developer: BuzzFeed
Price: Free

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