Barmark: a beautiful game for iOS and Android

Barmark is a game without a clear purpose or the ability to game over in the game. Instead, the aim is to find ‘inner peace’ through changing the environment and find out what the implications of this are.

Discover several worlds

Like Botanicula, Barmark is a point-and-click discovery game, although in the latter it is much more vague what you exactly have to do. As a player, you will be put in a randomly chosen landscape with equally random animals. They will ask you to turn on certain machines or hidden switches, which in turn has an effect on the landscape and the animals that roam there.
Barmark game

In total, there are eight worlds to explore, each variation in one world affects the other. It doesn’t matter what you exactly change or where you plant new plants since there are no missions and it is impossible to lose the game.
Barmark Android
Instead, it is intended to sit back and see what effects the changes that you do have in the game world. At the same time, you can enjoy the fine-drawn backgrounds and calming music, which combined provide a unique atmosphere.

Download Barmark

Barmark is available in Google Play for $3.28. The game has no in-app purchases or advertisements and requires Android 2.3 or higher. The iPhone version will be released next week.

Developer: Stormhatt Studios
Price: COP3,500
  • Barmark Screenshot
  • Barmark Screenshot
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