Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a smartwatch and is available since April 2015 in 9 countries. Apple Watch (formerly iWatch) works with apps and contains various sensors that help you measure your heart rate and steps. The smart watch is on sale from $399. You can read all about the Apple Watch on this website. How it works, features, apps and more.

Watch Apple release date

The smartwatch is sold since April 24, 2015, in nine countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The smartwatch is sold only in the online Apple Store. In June, the watch will also be available in physical Apple Stores.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch will be offered starting late June in a number of other countries.

Apple Watch storage capacity

Apple Watch is equipped with 8GB of storage memory, which can be partly used to store music and photos. The possibilities for this are limited. From the 8GB of storage only 2GB may be used for music and 75MB for photos. The remainder of the storage is used for, for example, applications, operating system, and other watch functions.

Apple Watch battery

Apple Watch usually makes 18 hours in normal use. This is enough to carry for a day without charging the Watch, but you have to connect it to the adapter at night. You connect the Apple Watch with a magnetic cable that you attach on the back of the watch.

Apple Watch Features

With the Apple Watch, you have all kinds of functions available to you. Below are a few of the possibilities:

  • Receive notifications such as warnings for appointments;
  • Date and time retrieval, just like with a normal watch;
  • Alarm clock: there is a silent alarm function where you get gentle taps on your wrist;
  • Health Tracker, for capturing issues surrounding illness and stress;
  • Activities Tracker, to see if you move enough (you can get a slap on the wrist if you sit for too long);
  • Sports Tracker, to capture running and other sports;
  • Remote control for home appliances, such as operating lamps ;
  • Information Display Panel for weather, stocks, sports scores and the like;
  • Drawings and heartbeat exchange with other people.

Apple Watch Heart
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Apple Watch available models

The Apple Watch is available in different designs.

  • The Apple Watch Sport is made of lightweight aluminum and has no sapphire glass. This model comes with a silicone wristband. This is the entry level model with a starting price of $349.
    Apple Watch Sport
  • The standard model Apple Watch is made of polished steel and is fitted with sapphire glass. This is the mid-sized range.
    Apple Watch Standard
  • The Apple Watch Edition is made of 18-karat gold. This version will cost between $11,000 and $18,000 dollars. The specially available watchbands are fitted with an 18-karat gold.
    Apple Watch Edition

Water resistance Apple Watch

Apple has created the Apple Watch waterproof. The watch can, therefore, be used in the rain and in the shower. In addition, the watch is highly resistant to perspiration. Although officially Apple Watch is not intended for swimming, the watch appeared to have no problems with being in the water.

Watch Bands for Apple Watch

Apple has released several wristbands for Apple Watch. You can buy six different model watchbands, which Apple also sells individually. The watch straps for the Apple Watch are made in the Netherlands.
Apple Watch Straps
Watch straps are available in sizes S, M and L. Apple has put a guide online that allows you to see which size is best suited for you. You must measure the circumference of your wrist for this.

Apple Watch wireless charging

The Apple Watch has no connection ports. Instead, there is a special magnet charger that you attach to the back of Apple Watch.

The battery life of the Apple Watch is 18 hours in normal use.

Apple Watch controls

You can control the Apple Watch in three different ways:

  1. With the pressure-sensitive touchscreenThrough the digital crown
  2. Through the digital crownThrough the voice assistant Siri
  3. Through the voice assistant Siri

1. Pressure-sensitive touchscreen
Apple Watch has a touch screen of sapphire crystal, a material that is almost as hard as diamond. This screen does not get scratched quickly. This is very handy for a device that is around your wrist all day. Only with the cheapest model (Apple Watch Sport) there is no sapphire glass present.

The touch screen of the Apple Watch has something special: it is not only touch-sensitive, as you are used to from the iPhone. The screen is also pressure sensitive. Pressing harder makes the app respond differently, so there are multiple possibilities to operate and transmit actions. Apple uses the new Force Touch-pressure sensor.

2. Digital crown
On the side of the Apple Watch there is a small knob called the digital crown, which lets you operate the interface. You use this crown to zoom in and select items. This way Apple wants to expand the service capabilities even further. According to Apple, this is a requirement, because the screen of the Apple Watch is much smaller than the iPhone, making contact not always practical.
Apple Watch Crown
You can use the crown, for example, to zoom in or out on a map, because you would normally pinch, but that would be awkward. You can press the crown button to return to the home screen of the Apple Watch. A striking feature of the digital crown it has a different color per model.

3. Siri
Apple has added support for Siri on Apple Watch, so for example, so you can ask the Watch for pizzerias that are nearby and what the weather will be like.

Apple Watch also for lefties

Apple Watch is also suitable for left-handed users. They can turn the Apple Watch a half turn so that the crown is on the left. Also, the watch straps can be attached the other way around so that the closure is in a natural way.

The Apple Watch screen obviously rotates a half-turn, so you can comfortably read the screen. When you start using the Apple Watch, you can indicate how you want to use the watch so that the interface changes accordingly.

Apple Watch as an extension of your iPhone

Apple Watch is primarily an extension for your iPhone. So you need an iPhone to use the watch properly. The two devices work in a smart way together: for example, if you get a text message on the iPhone, it will be shown on the Apple Watch. You can then respond on the Watch with a short, pre-written messages or dictate a reply via Siri. When using your iPhone camera, you can use the Watch screen as viewfinder. Do you have an Apple TV, you can control it from the Apple Watch. Are you reading an e-mail on your Watch screen, you can open it right on the iPhone to respond.

Installing Apps is also done via the iPhone. There will be a special app for the iPhone that allows you to set up the Apple Watch. With this app, you install other suitable applications from external developers on Apple Watch.

Suitable iPhones for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch works closely with the iPhone. You must have one of the following devices:

  • Iphone 5
  • Iphone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus

Apple Watch: The hardware

All hardware from the Apple Watch is packed into a single chip, named Apple S1. This one element contains 30 components including wireless chips, audio amplifiers and processor of Apple Watch. This is, in fact, the heart of the Apple Watch. In addition, the watch contains a Taptic Engine – a highly sensitive vibration motor that gives the feeling of tapping on your wrist. Thus a notification of the Apple Watch feels short but powerful, leaving no hard vibrating device on your arm.

Health Sensors in the Apple Watch

There are several sensors behind the Apple Watch that make direct contact with your skin. With these sensors your heart rate is recorded, which is passed to the Health-app, giving you an insight into your medical condition. It is also possible to send your heart rate to other users, so for example, you can share your enthusiasm with someone. A motion sensor lets you also keep track of how many steps you walk in a day. Reportedly, Apple was planning to build more health sensors. Some sensors, however, were not reliable enough, so Apple had to omit them in the first generation Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch itself contains two health apps: Exercise and Workout. Fitness collects information about your general health, and workout helps with sports exercises.
Apple Watch activity tracker

Maps app on Apple Watch

Apple Maps app is also available on the Watch, so you can use the watch to navigate, for example, when you bicycle. Apple has invented a handy trick so you do not have to look at the watch: if you have to turn left the watch vibrates differently than if you were to turn right.

WatchKit and third-party apps

Apple Watch has some standard apps supplied, but third-party developers also have the opportunity to make their own apps. For this, developers must use WatchKit, a software development kit. For example, apps can send notifications to the watch. At present only simple apps are possible because developers are not allowed to read the various sensors of Apple Watch. Apps that have already been announced relate to reading news and seeing the weather forecast.

Buy the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is for sale on the Apple Online Store starting from $349 for the Apple Watch Sport edition and $10,000.00 for the Apple Watch Edition. There is also the normal Apple Watch which starts from $549.

Would you like to buy an Apple Watch? You’ll find all about buying Apple’s first watch on this website. You can also read what Apple Watch models are available and on which providers you can buy the Apple Watch.

Key Facts

  • Apple Watch is available from $349
  • Apple Watch is already on sale in Germany, France, United States, and other countries.
  • Apple Watch is already on sale in Germany, France, United States, and other countries.
  • You can choose between two formats.
  • You can choose between two formats.
  • You can choose from three materials.
  • You can choose from a lot of watch bands.

Apple Watch prices

These are the official US prices:

  • Apple Sports Watch 38mm: $349
  • Apple Sports Watch 38mm: $349
  • Apple Sports Watch 42mm: $399Apple 38mm steel Watch: $549 to $1,049
  • Apple 38mm steel Watch: $549 to $1,049
  • Apple 42mm steel Watch: $599 to $1,049
  • Apple Watch Edition: from $10,000 to $15,000

Apple Watch is currently only in available in a few countries, including the US, Germany, France, and England.

Apple Watch Models

There are several versions of Apple Watch available. So you will have to choose from the following options: Material: aluminum, steel or silver?

  • Material: aluminum, steel or silver?
  • Format: 38mm or 42mm?
  • Watch Straps: 18 different straps
  • Three Apple Watch materials

Apple Watch Sizes
Apple Watch is available in three different materials, each with a different price level. For each material, you can choose between two colors:

  • Sports Model of aluminum, light gray and gray space ($349)
  • Standard steel in light or dark metal (from $549)
  • Luxury model, in yellow or rose gold or 18 karat gold (from $10,000)

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