Anonymous messaging app Secret shutting down

Secret, a social network that is designed to share anonymous messages, will cease to exist. The pending matters are handled in the coming weeks, after which the app will no longer be available.

In a blog post on Medium, founder David Byttow explains why Secret is shutting down. According to him, Secret has no longer the vision he had in mind when he initially started with the software. According to Byttow there is enough money available, so a bankruptcy is not the case. The remaining money will be given back as much as possible to the investors.

Shortly before Byttow announced the news, there where already rumors about a possible closure.

Secret came previously under fire after an update of the user interface. That would have been copied from another application. It also appeared that the security of the application was not in order, in some cases it was possible to identify the author of a post on Secret.

With Secret, it is possible to place anonymous messages on the social network. It is possible to connect a phone or Facebook account: thus becomes clear how many friends are also on Secret and whether a post has been posted by a friend. In all cases, it does not specify who is involved. According Byttow, Secret is used by about 15 million people, but the number of active users was not mentioned.

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