Tip: Give any Android app its own volume level

Do you find it annoying that some apps have a low sound level? or do you wish to make an app always sound very gently? With this app, you can fix problems like this.

Volume Control app

If you use lots of different apps you do recognize certain: when switching between apps you often change the volume too. For example, some games are way too loud so the volume must immediately go down. Podcasts, however, you may not hear well, so the volume must go up again. We can’t, strangely enough, fix the volume level of individual apps in Android, but fortunately, there is now an app to do so.

Volume Control app is an app that lets you set up basically any app on your android how loud it should be. With the App Volume Control, you do not need to interfere in every app, but you choose the apps that you want to fix the volume of.

App Volume Control

In the settings of individual apps in App Volume Control you can choose ‘when start’ and ‘when close’. With the first option, you can specify how the volume should be adjusted when starting the app. The latter option lets you specify how the volume should be adjusted if you close the app again. You may also want to set a delay, allowing the volume change to delay somewhat.

Download App Volume Control

There are two versions of their app, a paid version for $0.99 and a free version with ads. Both apps are available for download in the Play Store via the links below. Both versions require a minimum of Android 4.0.3.

Download App Volume Control for Android (free)
Download App Volume Control for Android ($0,99)

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