Android 6.0 shows card information as an emergency number is dialed

Google has built a feature into its upcoming Android version which automatically display map information is when the user calls the emergency number. So the caller can easily transmit its location to the emergency center.

The feature was discovered by Android Police, which was sent a screenshot of a person who called the emergency number with a phone on Android M. The screenshot shows that in a telephone conversation with the emergency bell map information from Google Maps can be seen in the dialer. On the map, the location of the user is displayed. That should probably ensure that callers can quickly transmit their location because they don’t have to think or look where they are located.

Android M emergency map

Besides showing the location of the user, the feature would also inquire about the name of the alarm that is spoken. According to Android Police, the feature works in the United States, but there is support around the world. The site provided by the screenshot is, in fact, coming from Pakistan. It is, therefore, likely that the function also operates in other countries, but whether this is actually the case, it is not yet clear.

Currently, Android Marshmallow is still under development; the shown functionality comes from a preview build of the software. Probably the operating system comes with version 6.0 in the fall of this year.

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