Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a speaker that can provide answers to spoken questions from the user. It can also make to-do lists, and retrieve news thanks to the voice control system. The voice recognition software uses Amazon’s cloud platform.

The Echo comes with seven microphones to identify questions and assignments. According to Amazon, the speaker can also recognize voice commands when there is music playing in the same room. The user activates the voice recognition by the word ‘Alexa’. At the upper side of the Echo is a switch that, if desired, turns off the microphones.

Amazon Echo microphones
With enhanced noise cancellation, Echo can hear you ask a question even while it’s playing music.

According to Amazon, Echo could give answers to frequently asked questions. Users can also make to-do lists via voice control, set an alarm and request the latest news or weather. The speaker communicates via WiFi with cloud servers from Amazon to carry out the Alexa voice recognition. Amazon also promises to increase the number of features in the future.

Play music with Echo

To play music, Echo features a 2″ tweeter and a 2.5″ woofer. Via Bluetooth audio can be streamed to the device, where you can also switch between tracks and playlists via voice commands. Via a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Fire OS, Alexa Assistant can also be controlled remotely. Also, the Echo is supplied with a remote control in which a microphone is integrated.

Amazon Echo Audio
The Echo features advanced audio design.

Amazon delivers the 9.25″ high Echo is available for $179.99 on Amazon and the shipments start on July 14.

Amazon Echo Voice commands

Here’s a list of commands that you can use to control the device.

Command Description
Play [song name] Play 'Greatest hits' on Pandora
Add [name] to my [list name] Add gelato to my shopping list
What's on my calendar today? Get an overview of today's calendar
When do the [team name] play [date] When do the Seattle Marines play next?
What's the weather in [city name] [date] What's the weather in New York this weekend?
Turn off the lights Control the light in the house
Read my book Tell Echo to read your book
Wikipedia [topic] Let Echo read you a page on Wikipedia
How is traffic? Get traffic information
Set an alarm for [time] Set an alarm for 8 a.m.

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