How to Activate the Android N night mode

In the test version of Android N, there is a hidden option that lets you turn on night mode. In this tip, we show how to activate the function.

Activate the Android N night mode

In the Developer Preview of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), a handy night mode was incorporated, which could be used to completely change the look of the operating system. Google decided to not to include this feature in the final version, but in the Android N beta version it returns. However, you need some steps to go through before you can get started with the night mode. First, make sure your Android N installed on your Nexus device. This article shows you how to do it. Go through following the steps below.

  1. First, you need to access the System UI tuner. Open the quick settings panel, tap the gear icon at the top and keep long pressing it;
  2. After this, you will see the setup screen with a message that the system UI Tuner is activated. Wipe all the way down to open the menu;
  3. Then tap Color and Appearance “and” Night Mode “and enable the option.

The night mode offers several options. You can turn on automatic mode when it gets dark, or use the dark theme for Android. If you turn on the “Adjusting Tint” option, the screen gets a yellow haze. This limits the amount of blue light on the screen, allowing you smartphone evening more pleasant to use and potentially better fall asleep.

Since the night mode is quite hidden in Android N, it is still questionable function whether it will be included in the update. Of course, you can always go to apps like Twilight and F.lux who have more options and you can download for free.

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