5 tips to make your own routes on Google Maps

You probably use Google Maps to find a route, but did you know that you can also create your own maps with photos and routes with the extension My Maps? In this article, we show how.

My Maps allows you to create personalized cards. The app is a separate Google Maps service that not many people know yet. In this article, we explain My Maps from using the desktop version since the Android app is not very extensive. When you’re done with a card, you can easily share with your Android device by clicking the “share” button. Below we provide some tips on how to keep routes and maps in My Maps organized.

1. Give each card a clear name

Keep the cards separated from each other and give them a recognizable name, so you can easily keep track of them.

2. Add to Favorites

You can add a marker by clicking on the map where you want to put it. Here you can put relevant information, which comes in handy if you want to know where that nice restaurant is, or what the name of it is. After that, you get into a screen where you can change the name and description of the item. After you save selected, you return to the folder with a list of all your tags to the left of your screen.

3.Kleuren and forms overview

Once you are done adding tags to a layer, you can lose the overview over the map. Fortunately, you can change the color and shape of a flag in My Maps. You do this by selecting the mark and then pressing the paint symbol, after which you can customize the color of the marker to taste. You categorize places by using different colors.

My Maps, you also have the ability to select multiple icons, for example, hotels, train stations and walking trails. The icons you can add yourself by clicking on a marker and select icon form. If you then click more icons, you’ll see a whole list of useful icons that you can use.

4. Adding Routes

Another useful feature in My Maps is the option to add routes to your card. You can choose from hiking, cycling and driving routes. With this option you can add multiple destinations to a single route, so you immediately have a whole holiday card to disposal. You draw a route by simply clicking on the ‘draw a line’, then you seek out the means of transport for your route. Google chooses the fastest route for you, you only need to select the point of departure and arrival.

5. Add footage Google My Maps

You can add a photo or video from the Internet to your tag by selecting a tag and clicking Edit. If you want to add a picture you can do this using Google Images or insert a URL of the desired image. For video, you can search with Google Video or insert a YouTube URL.

Are you curious about the possibilities of My Maps? Through this link, you can open the desktop version. When you have finished all the cards, you can use the Android app to view the maps on your smartphone.

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