5 steps to transform your old PC into a Chromebook

Give your old PC or laptop second chance, because we explain in five steps how to transform it to Cloud Ready for a rapid Chromebook.

Lighting operating system for (re) obsolete computers

Chromebooks are still gaining popularity, especially among students looking for a good and cheap solution for doing schoolwork. The operating system Chrome OS is relatively easy to set up and has several layers of security, leaving little viruses to find their way to Chromebooks. The software is also very light and therefore ideally suited for older PCs and laptops that are not to burn on Windows.

Cloud Ready

Thanks to Neverware you can install Chrome OS on an old PC or laptop that you have sitting around. The company has created a modified version of Chrome OS and put it on its own website under the name “Cloud Ready”. The software is free to download for private use but is also available to education as paid version. So need an educational not to purchase new equipment, but can use it instead Chrome OS on older computers. Curious? Below we discuss the steps you must follow to transform your old PC to a Chromebook.

Preparation and USB installer

Before you go through the steps, it is important to check whether your old PC can handle CloudReady. On this page you will find a complete list of devices supported.

For installation, you need to make a USB installer with the Chromebook Recovery Utility. For this, you need a USB stick with 8GB or 16GB of storage and CloudReady software zip file. It varies by operating system (Windows, OS X, or Chrome OS) how to create a USB installer. For instructions, please visit here.

Please note that all data will be deleted on the old PC when installing Cloud Ready. So make sure you make a backup of important files, programs, and other settings. It is not possible to recover data afterward.

The installation

On some computers, it is possible to opt for a dual boot installation. Here you can use CloudReady next to a Windows installation. When starting up the PC you can choose for CloudReady or Windows. Another advantage of dual boot is that all of the stored data is kept.

  • When you made the USB installer and backed up your data, it’s time to install the software. First, turn off the PC where you want to install Cloud Ready on.
  • Then connect the USB stick and turn on the computer. After this, it is important to boot from USB. For this, you need to press during the startup on a button. The necessary key varies by device. Do you have Dell and Lenovo computer, press F12 during startup. When an HP computer, press F9. For all other models, it’s either the Esc, Enter, or F1-12 key.
  • After this, the option appears to boot from USB. Choose Cloud Ready and press ‘Install Cloud Ready’. You can ignore the network settings.
  • Follow the steps and choose ‘Standalone’ or ‘dual boot. After this, the software is installed, which takes between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • Once the software is installed, the computer turns off. Remove the USB stick and wait for the computer to start automatically.

After installation, you get the option to install Flash and you need to log in with your Google Account. Your old PC is now Chrome OS, which means you can access the Chrome Web Store to install your favorite applications. Moreover, the installation of Flash is not mandatory, but very handy to get the most out of Chrome OS.

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