4 tips for when updating Android Apps fails

Sometimes it is possible that certain Google Play app updates can not perform or that it takes an eternity before they are completed. If apps update fails, you can go through these steps.

1. Clear Cache

If updating apps will not succeed, then the best thing to do is going to Settings > Apps/Application and tap on Google Play Store. Then select the “Empty Cache” option to delete temporary files. Then go back to the Google Play app and start the app updates again. In most cases, they must now be carried out without problems.

If downloading apps doesn’t work at all, reboot your phone into recovery mode by switching it off and on again. You do this mostly by pressing the power button and volume down button simultaneously. Then navigate with the volume buttons to select “Wipe cache partition” and confirm by pressing the power button.

2. Clear Data

If this fails, you can also try removing the app data. Again go to Settings > Applications > Google Play, but this time select “Clear data”. Then you can stop Google Play using the top left button and start the app again. Your Google account is however still paired with your Android device, so that you do not have to enter it again.

Does it still does not help, choose from “Apps > Google Play” for “Remove Updates”. The Play Store app is then put back to the original version. You can then update the application back again.

3. Google Account Reset

If the problem is persistent, then we recommend that you delete your Google account and reconfigure it. Go to the settings of your phone and then to Accounts > Google. Delete the account and then reboot your device. Then add the account again and delete cached data by going to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play services.

4. Reset your phone

Is it after going through the above steps still not possible to install app updates, then it may be necessary to reset your Android device. Do this by going to Settings > Backup and Restore > Restore Factory Settings. Make sure beforehand that you have backed up your contacts, apps and data, because they will all be deleted.

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