4 Great apps for recognizing music on iPhone

With an app that can recognize music, your iPhone can tell you within seconds what song is being played. This way, you can listen to radio and never wonder what song is being played. Apps that recognize music tell you the title and artist name. There are multiple apps that you can use for this. In this article we put the best in a row.


Shazam iPhoneIt can’t be more simpler with Shazam. Once you install this free app on your iPhone you just have to press the Shazam button. Then the app listens to the music and compares the sounds of music tracks on a server. Then you will immediately see the song title and artist name. You can also set the app that it always listens and recognizes music while you’re doing something else . A quick way to launch Shazam is via Siri: just ask Siri “What is this song? ‘And Shazam comes into action. The app is free but in exchange for $6.99 you get rid of the ads. Finally, one salient detail: Shazam can nowadays try to recognize TV shows.


Soundhound iPhoneSoundHound works very similar to Shazam, open the app and press the SoundHound button to analyze the music and get an immediate response. Incidentally, this app show you a lot more than just the name of the song and the artist. You also get a link to the iTunes Store and links to videos on YouTube. SoundHound is also free, but the ads disappear only after an in-app purchase of $6.99. Advantage of SoundHound is that you can hum or sing the song in this app. The other apps do not start on it; they want to hear original songs. SoundHound can as one of the few apps also recognize classical music and covers. If you can not recognize a song with Shazam, try it certainly also with by SoundHound.


MusicID iPhoneIf you not like all those extras, you detest ads and you do not want to spend too much money? Then you might find MusicID a good alternative. This app is on sale for $0.99 and is much quieter in terms of design. The features are exactly the same on the other hand, the app listens to the music and you immediately get the title of the song, the artist, the link to the iTunes Store and links to video.


MusixMatch iPhoneWith this app you can find the same design and features as the other apps. MusiXmatch stands out especially because this app also look up the lyrics and puts this line by line along with the music running. This way you not only know who the artist of the song and what the title of the song is, but you can also sing the song extremely easy. For $4.99 per year or $3.99 per half, you lose the ads. Also, this will get you the option to analyze music on TV.

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