4 Free apps to block social media for more productivity

With so many apps and websites that you can visit, it really get’s hard to focus and do some productive work. Fortunately there are apps that you can use to help you block these websites and focus on other things, like work. Block websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other website that distracts you from the important things.

These apps can block any website at any moment you want. And the best thing is, they are 100% free to use.

1. Cold Turkey (Windows)

Cold Turkey Windows
Cold Turkey for Windows

Cold Turkey is a free app for Windows that allows you to block any website, game or even some programs. It allows you to set a schedule with intervals of a half an hour, up to a full week!. It’s Open Source and can be downloaded for free from the getcoldturkey.com.
Download for:

2. SelfControll (OSX)

SelfControl for OSX

SelfControl is a small but powerful free app for Mac computers that allows you to block certain apps for a period of time. Just enter the url of the website that you don’t want to visit and the app makes sure that you won’t be distracted again.
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3. StayFocusD (Google Chrome)

StayFocusD for Chrome

StayFocusD is a free extension for Google Chrome that you add to your browser to block websites that distract you. Unlike the previous two apps that we mentioned, you can’t install StayFocusd on your computer. Instead you run it from your browser. The disadvantage is that it only blocks the websites on Chrome and not other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Download for:
Google Chrome

4. LeechBlock (Firefox)

Leechblock for Firefox

Another browser based option is Leechblock. Leechblock is a plugin for Firefox that you can use for free. Just like StayFocusD for Chrome, it runs on the browser and blocks only the websites that you visit within that browser.
Download for:
Mozilla Firefox

Do you use any of this apps and if so, do you think they make you more productive? Let us know with a comment below.

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