4 features that makes Samsung Gear S2 a unique smart watch

Samsung has presented the Gear S2 smart watch at the IFA fair in Berlin. The smart watch is distinguished by the rotating panel on the side of the watch, but that’s not all. Read here about the four functions of the Gear S2 that makes it a unique smart watch.

Rotating panel

You can control the smart watch by turning the panel on the side of the watch. Because of this you do not have to touch the screen with your fingers and you always keep an eye on the screen. Besides the rotating it panel is also possible to go straight to your goal, because the 1.2-inch OLED display features a touchscreen function. There’s also a physical Home and back button on the side of the smart watch.

3G, NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth

The smart watch supports bluetooth and wifi. Some models can also use 3G Internet, this is due to a built-in SIM card. The wearable also uses an NFC chip. This is a good additive for the use of the contactless payment with Samsung Pay.

Gear S2 Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay with the Gear S2

Tizen instead of Android Wear

Gear S2 Android
Android and Gear S2 working together.

The Samsung S2 Gear runs on Tizen. That is the operating system of Samsung itself. Yet it is possible to also connect the Samsung S2 Gear to non-Samsung Android devices. It must have at least an Android 4.4 phone that is equipped with at least 1.5 GB of RAM.

Sports buddy and key to your smart household

The wearable dust- and waterproof. In addition, there is a fitness function. This indicates, among other things, when you haven’t moved in a long time. Samsung will also introduce its long-term smart watch in the so-called smart household. This allows you to control your smart watch paired devices.

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