The 4 best Reddit apps for Android

Reddit is finally going to release its own app for Android and iOS, but when it will be available to everyone, is not yet known. With these four alternatives apps for Reddit, you can already view the content on your smartphone.

Best Reddit apps

The official Reddit app is still in closed beta, so it’s not for anyone to use. Fortunately, there are already a lot third-party apps that you can easily wade through all Reddit content. These four have our preferences.

1. Bacon Reader

Bacon Reader
Reddit fans can not ignore Bacon Reader, in our opinion one of the best apps to access the website. This is mainly due to the fast, simple interface and many features. The home screen shows the front page of Reddit, where you can specify which messages you want to see: popular, new, controversial, or increasing in popularity. You can also quickly switch between the front and subreddits as Books, Food, Jokes and Pics. If you then tap a message, you can view the associated text and image or the most popular comments. Of course, it is also possible to log in, and to leave comments. Bacon Reader supports multiple accounts and can handle OAuth for secure login. The paid version ($1.52) is ad-free.

Download Bacon Reader from Google Play (free)

2. Reddit is fun

Reddit is Fun
Reddit app for power users. Reddit for Fun is the most comprehensive app from this list, but not exactly pretty to look at. If the dated interface won’t bother you, then this app is a good option to read Reddit on your mobile device. Reddit for Fun is incredibly fast, has tablet and widget support, useful filters, share options, and the format you know from the desktop version. You’ll easily find the best and most popular content, and of course, leave comments and up or down vote.

Download Reddit is fun from Google Play (free / $1.99)

3. Slide for Reddit

Slide for Reddit
Slide for Reddit is a free alternative that, like Bacon Reader, includes material design. That means bright colors, beautiful animations, and a practical action button to call various functions. You can quickly search for subreddits, it’s easy to comment, and there are several modes available to read content. By default, there is support for gifs and the app also features a built-in browser. Conveniently, there is the ability to add colors to different subreddits. For example, if you follow the Android subreddit, you can use the color green to recognize the subreddit. The app is open source, and also has support for OAuth and multiple accounts.

Download Slide for Reddit from Google Play (free / $4.26)

4. Flow for Reddit

Flow for Reddit
Flow is one of the most popular unofficial Reddit apps, but because the developer is busy, the app won’t receive regular updates. The last time Flow was updated was mid last year and the current early beta version is full of bugs. Can you live with that and use your Reddit mainly to read content, the app is a must. The interface is nice and fast, there are no ads and Flow works on virtually any device with Android 2.2+ and 2MB of free storage.

Download Flow for Reddit from Google Play (free)

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