4 Alternatives to Spotify

Spotify is the best and easiest way to both paid and free online listening to music. With millions of songs to stream, it is worth the $10 per month, but also with the free version, you can manage well. But perhaps Spotify is in the beginning complicated. No worries! We have listed 4 alternatives to Spotify that you can try.


One of the most recent and notorious alternatives to Spotify is Tidal, the new music streaming service from rapper Jay-Z. Which was announced last month with great fanfare during a big event, with great artists like Beyonce and Madonna expressed their support for the service.

Tidal makes no secret of the fact that it wants to be an alternative to Spotify. The service must be a competitor in which the artists are paid well. There is often discussion about the money artists earn with Spotify – it would sometimes be just a few pennies.

The founders of Tidal hopes that many artists join exclusively at their service and take away their music from Spotify. Therefore ultimately create more segregation in services that will make you suddenly need to subscribe to different music service to really hear everything.

One advantage that Tidal has is the better sound quality. In addition to the standard subscription, you can buy a more expensive subscription with the music in uncompressed quality. It’s debatable whether you want to pay $20 for the extra quality.

Better Than Spotify because:
+ Improved sound quality

Worse than Spotify because:
– Less supply
– You’re paying a lot of money for the higher sound quality

Cost: $9.99 per month (no ads) | $19.99 per month (no ads and hi-quality)


Rdio is the unknown brother of Spotify but does absolutely not inferior to the well-known streaming service. Indeed, Rdio is in many ways better than Spotify. About the same number of tracks are available (although it is difficult to find lesser-known artists), and navigating is easy. As with Spotify, with Rdio you have also the choice between a free and a paid version – the latter costs $10 per month.

The great advantage of Rdio is that with the free version you can listen to music online, even on your smartphone. The difference between free or premium is in the ads (which you obviously do not get if you pay) and in the sound quality. When you pay the quality goes from 192 kbps to 320 kbps.

Better Than Spotify because:
+ Offline listening even in the free version + Easy navigation

Worse than Spotify because:
– Harder to find unknown artists

Cost: Free (Ads) | $9.99 per month (no ads and higher audio quality)

Google Play Music

Google Play Music
If you use Android then you know Google Play Music with no doubt – even if you do not use it. That’s because the app is installed on every Android device by default. That makes it easy to use, especially since you can use it with your Google Account.

Google Play Music costs $10 per month, with which you can listen to over 20 million tracks. The biggest advantage is that you can upload your own music too. Have you downloaded anything, for example, you can upload that music in your Play Music account so you can listen to it anywhere.

The latter can only be done on Android. Although there is also an iOS app but is less extensive in terms of capabilities.

+ Add your own music to your library
+ Well-integrated into Android

– No free version (only a free trial)
– IOS app lacks features

Cost: $9.99 per month (with free trial period of 1 month)


SHOUTcast offers more than 60,000 streaming radio stations, which users can form and maintain themselves. They stream their local MP3 collection, for example via a plugin for Winamp. The tracks that hear, you never quite know for sure if the radio host has ever paid for that music. It is in the same gray area Grooveshark found itself too.

Because anyone can set up a radio station, you don’t get to hear any advertising. The stations are divided into genre, number of listeners and the bitrate. Listening to the stations can be done through the site. You can also download a link to the streams as a .pls, .xspf or .m3u file. The radio stations are so integrated with your favorite media player.

Better Than Spotify because:
+ Anyone can start radio stations
+ Stream and download

Worse than Spotify because:
– You never know for sure whether it really is legal music

Cost: Free

Other alternatives

There are also dozens of music services where you can discover new music, without all the fuss that you get at Spotify. If your main interest is to discover new music, you can also try these services.

Noon Pacific

Noon Pacific is named for what it does: Every Monday, at 12:00 Pacific Standard Time Noon Pacific sends you a new playlist with self-selected music. That music is almost always unknown – the chance that you know the artists is nil. Noon Pacific roams every week on the Internet for you to discover new artists, and mailed weekly to you for free. Fans are very excited about it, especially about the fact that it almost always turns out to be beautiful music. Noon Pacific is no real alternative to Spotify, but a great way to find new music.


Last.fm is not in itself a music service, but does instead make recommendations for new music. If you install Last.fm on your computer, the program can see what music you listen to on Spotify, iTunes, Windows Media Player, and a whole host of other software. Especially when you combine that with the mobile apps, it can create a very detailed music profile of you. That way you can get back in touch with other Last.fm users, for example via the app itself or through social media. Users can make recommendations to each other, to help each other to new music.


Live365 is one of the most versatile internet radio stations that you can imagine, where users themselves can host a radio station. Especially the large number of genres are interesting: Live365 has radio stations in every conceivable genre. If you do not need playlists and social functions, you can always discover new music with this service.

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