30 Awesome Happy Birthday Memes

Is it your friends birthday again? Surprise him or her with these funny birthday memes. Memes are the bits of culture that are quickly and easily distributed and shared, almost inseparable from the way we consume the internet. Even though you’re the term meme never encountered, you’ve undoubtedly been in contact with here. You see someone like a certain picture (often text) share via a website or social media, and do you have that in turn shared with your friends because it is so recognizable or funny? Well, there is one!

A meme (or Internet meme) is a word to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet. Internet memes are often images, sometimes have a reference to a popular (sub) culture or a hoax. The memes often very quickly cease to exist as soon as the fun is gone. Some memes continue to hang around for long and come much later once passed, sometimes in combination with a current meme. According to a professor of biology, memes propagate themselves via social media in the same way as do diseases among the population. It is the basis of viral marketing.

Create your own meme birthday meme

It’s easy to create your meme with meme generators and share them on Facebook or other social media.

If you don’t have the time or the creativity :), then download these awesome birthday memes and share them with your friends on their birthday.

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