3 Tips to solve Touch ID Problems

Since the iPhone 5S, Apple provides its smartphones with Touch ID. Useful for secure locking and unlocking your device, although the fingerprint scanner does not always work smoothly. Here’s how you can avoid problems.

Touch ID solve problems

Do you suffer from a faltering fingerprint scanner on your iPhone (or iPad Air 2 and later), there are some steps you can follow to solve them. The tips below are common for Touch ID troubleshooting.

1. Reset

Touch ID fingers
The best way to solve problems with Touch ID is to reset your fingerprint. You do this by first removing the saved fingerprint(s). Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, select ‘Touch ID’ and enter your passcode. After this, you can see what prints you have set. Remove them by giving them a swipe from right to left and tap Delete.

if you have removed all the fingerprints, then tap “Add a fingerprint” to enter a new one. Then Follow the steps on the screen. Make sure that you’re holding the iPhone or iPad good during scanning, and also, scan the sides of your finger.

2. Touch ID in the App Store

Touch ID App Store
It may be that Touch ID is only not functioning properly in the App Store. That’s too bad because the fingerprint scanner is especially useful to authorize purchases and downloads. You may solve the problem by going to Settings > Touch ID and passcode and disabling iTunes and App Store. Then turn off your iOS device and restart it. Turn on iTunes and App Store on again.

3. Cold finger scan

Touch ID with cold weather tends to work less well. Now this problem may not be solved completely, but you can try to set a new print with a cold finger. Which you must then of course use. Sometimes Touch ID does not work because your fingers are sweaty. It goes without saying that you wash and dry your hands.

Does the fingerprint scanner no longer work, then it is an option to reset your iPhone. If that offers no solution, then you may have a hardware problem. We recommend you to visit an Apple Store so that an Apple employee can examine your device.

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