10 tips and tricks for Windows 10 users

Windows 10 has some interesting (and sometimes well hidden) capabilities that did not exist in previous versions. Let’s look at a few.

1. Turn on Wi-Fi Sense
Incredibly handy: with Wi-Fi Sense you will be automatically signed in to Wi-Fi networks to which your Facebook- Outlook or Skype contacts are connected to. Moreover, no passwords has to be entered, and that’s for two reasons handy: 1) no bullshit with lifting routers and reading strange letter / number combinations, and 2) you don’t need to give someone your WiFi password to let him / her use your network.

Start Menu> Settings> Network and Internet> control WiFi settings> Connect to contacts that are shared by me / Connect with proposed hotspots.

2. Turn off Quick Access View
By default, Quick Access View in Explorer, that lets you quickly see the most and last viewed folders and files, is on. You can disable this.

Explorer> View> Options> Select Open Explorer

3. Disable P2P Updates
Windows 10 uses your PC to provide other PCs with updates. What? We obviously don’t like that.

Start Menu> Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update> Advanced> Choose how updates are provided> Off.

4. Restart Schedule
We all know the misery of a PC that suddenly insist that it necessarily needs to be updated – or worse, one that just do while you’re away. We are going to end this.

Start Menu> Settings> Updates and Recovery> Windows Update> Select restart time

5. Change Default Locations
In Windows 10, you can set easier than ever to where your files are stored.

Select Start Menu> Settings> System> Storage> by file type you can select the disc here.

6. Cut and paste into the command prompt
You can use the output of a command that you entered in the command prompt now and copy and paste into the Windows graphical environment. How do you do that? Exactly as you might think, selecting, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V.

7. Delete previous Windows version
For 30 days, the previous version of Windows is kept on your PC – and take up unnecessarily space. To permanently remove previous versions do this:

Start Menu> Settings> Update and Security> System> Back to Windows 7 / 1.8> Getting Started

8. Video recording an app
Actually, it is meant as an easy way to record your best gaming moments, the new Game DVR function. But you can use it for any app you want.

Windows Key + G> This is a game

9. Old-school Settings
Some configuration options are not found directly under Start> Settings. For the familiar control panel do the following:

Right click Start button> Control Panel

10. GodMode
With GodMode show you all the configuration options simultaneously.

Right mouse click on any unused spot on your desktop> New> Folder>

That folder must exactly have the following name: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.

Click on this icon and voilĂ , 40 sections with a total of more than 200 options.

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